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August 5th, 2007

I'm new to the community and just wanted to say hi to everyone. Though I've always (for the most part) been a believer of God, I've only recently begun strengthening the relationship. I look forward to keeping up with this community and exchanging thoughts with others on here. 


April 18th, 2007

Recovery Bibles

Has anyone here used one? I'm thinking of getting one but am unsure which to get, and to be honest how they work!


March 26th, 2007

5:13 PM 3/24/07 · This has bugged me the longest time and each time I hear the reference I still don't get the significance. It may just be a little thing, it may be a big thing...but whatever kinda thing it is it's something that isn't quite registering on me.

"Jesus wept"


The first time I heard this was watching the movie Hellraiser, a condemned soul says it just before being torn to shreds...held aloft by multiple chains in a vaguely crucificial position. Actually, one of my favorite films at the beginning of a great series...but that's not the point. I just heard it again as a half·assed way of saying grace before eating by Ice Cube in some movie, possibly one of the Barbershop films.

If I had to make a guess I'd assume it had something to do with Jesus while he was being executed, that the popular view might be that he didn't shed a tear despite the great pain he was no doubt going through. That's just a guess...

...though I grant it's a guess that's been bouncing around in my head the last couple decades.

I just never thought to ask before.

Well, here we are.

What does the reference "Jesus wept" refer to? If it is, in fact, when he was crucified then why wouldn't he cry? That kinda thing has got to hurt, not to mention that whole dying for all our sins part; I'd imagine that's not only symbolic but given his other impressive abilities it would likely be excessivly painful from an empathic point of view.

Jesus crying...what's the harm?

March 15th, 2007

Check out this awesome community here on Livejournal.

Come Check it out!!!

March 12th, 2007

Whatever your spiritual/religious belief system is, when the time comes that you pass from this Existance and go into the Next, how do you think you'll feel when you discover whatever it is you think you know as the Truth turns out not to be?

March 1st, 2007

...seems everytime I ask a question a couple dozen people bonk me on the head with scripture. I've got a very basic question here and I'd just like to have an answer from you.

If I wanted a response from the Bible there's like 3 or 4 of them in this house so I'm sure I could take a peek.

On the topic of whether or not Jesus may've actually had a family of his own, not counting the extended on his human parents no doubt had providing him with siblings, I often find it interesting that people react to the ide of his having a wife and children as more horrific than anything you'd find in a...well...horror movie. I mean, surely Jesus raising his children while doing everything else he did is not that unbelieveable.

The man raised the dead for Pete's sake! He made more food from very little food!! He walked on water!!!!

Surely he could take the time to bounce his own child on his knee and give a hug to the wife.

So...why is it you (Yeah...You!) have a problem with the very concept of Jesus having a family of his own? On Earth while he was doing everything so miraculous...why is such a basic bit of normalcy in his existance such a bad idea?

just to be clear: saying "because it's not in the Bible" or any variation thereof is not a valid answer; I'm already very aware of that fact.

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February 26th, 2007

10:56 AM 2/26/2007 · When I was but a wee lad, older than 5 but not quite 10, I knew for a fact that Jesus had been married and had children. I would like to point out this was about 3 decades before I'd even heard the name Dan Brown (who is not the only person that's put the idea forth) and I actually had no evidence to support the belief.

Chalk it up to a matter of faith.

I've held to this belief pretty much the whole time since then and there's been a number of things along the way that have actually made me feel more assured in it. One of my incessant rants in some religious comm actually produced one such tidbit that struck home fairly solid and I like it. It involved two things I'd already known but never put together until someone, who shared my view, put them together for me. Back in the day, when women were considered (which is sadly not that great an exaggerration) little more than talking cattle by the masses, it was custom that women were not permitted to see a man unclothed unless they were of his family. Yet, when taken down from his crucifixtion and the body prepared for what comes next...Mary Magdalene (however you spell it) was among those that bathed his body and helped make the preparations.

Basically, that's a stoning and put you to death kinda thing and while Mary was no stranger to attempts at being stoned...it never came up. I think it unlikely this was because Jesus was who he was so much as it never was deemed significant as she was his wife. Given that big families are also part of their tradition...

...lots of little things. It's what I believe and so far the only arguyments I get against it have been that Jesus would not have married her cuz she was a whore (like that'd matter to him as he saw the beauty in all of God's children) or because he wouldn't have been able to to raise a family as he was always on the move and on the road (the Jews wandered around for ages and seemed to have no trouble having and raising children en route to wherever they were going) and that it's not in the Bible (there's a whole mess of reasons I have issue with that one but suffice to say not everything in the world is in that book)...

...and so it goes.

I suppose you're wondering what this had to do with anything? While it is certainly not uncommon for me to put forth one of these rants, I need little incentive to write anything, there was this interesting little thing on the news that caught my eye before I left my home this morning. T'was about 5:45am·ish, was just reaching to turn the television off, when I saw the name "Jesus" in big white letters across the screen and paused.

So glad I waited a bit; bus is usually a little late anyway.

Just outside of Jerusalem, under an apartment complex of all things, archeologists are claiming they've discovered Jesus' tomb. I got the news in brief, was kinda on the go and it was a breaking story so information was a bit sketchy, but artifacts and writing within seem to bear this supposition out but moreso...there are writings that discuss the children Jesus had. There seems to be only two views on this so far, that it is his tomb and that it isn't his tomb...but more are believing it is than those that don't. It's basically being cited, on world news stations, as final exacting proof that Jesus was an actual person.

For those that are Christian and already thought so...you do know there were a number of folks that didn't believe it outside the faith, right?

As you might suspect, I'm all tingly.

This should be an interesting week. All the evidence gathered so far, I heard no mention of a body or bodies along with, and what more is learned on this through the week will be presented on the Discovery channel come Sunday. I don't have a timeslot to give you on this so check your local listings.

11:33 AM · Curiosity got the best of me, looked online for the news about this and the so called "breaking story" is about a discovery that was made in 1980. Still tingling though.

February 16th, 2007

Maybe it's my whole acknowledging more than one God thing but when you come right down to it there's a little something funny in the water here. I mean the Greeks had the god Zeus and his extended family to worshipm the Norse had Odin and his extended family to worship, the Wiccans have Gaea, the Egyptians...you get the idea. It's pretty much a deity and his or her bretheren guarding over a specific group of people.

When Moses popped up with his whole "Let my people go!" riff he was a representative of their god (who is generally just known as 'God'; it;'s all about the capital G wth this one). The Egyptians did not discredit the existance of this deity but simply labelled It has was appropriate from their point of view; God of the Jews.

Time goes on, things change, a nice wholesome virgin girl gives birth to Jesus/Yeshua/whatever name you choose to refer to him by; the son of God (big G). For the longest time I didn't wholly buy that the Christians, as a whole, believed Jesus was actually God given flesh and not just the son of...but a post I made to that effect a couple weeks back has shown otherwise. However, this does represent a mildly odd problem when you think about it...

...least when I do.

The Jews worship God.

The Christians worship Jesus.

While it can be argued, and it is by many of them, that the Christians acknowledge that Jesus is in fact God (little g)...the Jews do not share this opinion. Seeing as it was their God (big G) first then it stands to reason they should be the authority on this.

So which way do we look here?

Jesus and God are different beings, said so by the different people that worship them. The Chrisitians can toss up that "Holy Trinity" bit as much as they like but without the faith that God originated from backing the concept (an oddly polytheistic "3 as 1" concept no matter how you slice it) then it can not be used as an irrefutable fact.


January 28th, 2007

8:57 AM 1/28/07 · It kind of started with I am woman, hear me roar but I can never remember what the sound that came after that was. I mean, if it were I am man, hear me roar I'd expect it to be followed by a massive belch. From the 2nd Batman movie it was I am Catwoman, hear me roar and I'm pretty sure that was followed by a "Meow".

It's an empowerment thing.

Bet you're wondering what the Hell does this have to do with religion.

The way I see it Jesus was a pretty empowered guy: son of God, walked on water, raised the dead, great at party tricks; the guy had it going on. So naturally, goofy freak that I am, I had to ask myself...

...what would Jesus say in this kinda circumstance.

Sadly, I'm drawing a blank.

Fortunately I have all of you!

Please fill in the blank:

I am Jesus, hear me roar ________

How would Jesus roar?

January 21st, 2007

Funny Ha Ha

unnecessary cuteness
I suspect there are a lot of them out there but I only know a couple. With all the humor that seems to surround Jesus, in the form of standup comedy and stuyff we pick up in school, you'd think there'd be a lot of them. Short of cracking open a joke book and going to the religious humor I can't name that many...

...but as I said, I know two.

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Do you know any Jesus jokes?
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