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Friends in Christ

Christians growing within God's Love

Christian Fellowship
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This community was created by Christine (sensefille) and Shauna (shootingstarr) as a place for our friends to share our faith among our friends. We are a non-denominational group, and all are welcome (Christians and non-Christians alike).

This community was originally meant to be for our friends only, as a way to strengthen not only our friendships, but our relationships with God. However, we would also like for this community to grow and be active, so membership is now available to anyone who would like to belong. All new members must first be cleared by Shauna or Christine-- though this is merely meant to protect our members from posts by people who have come to insult us.

Here are some verses that represent our community, and what we're trying to achieve here.

You may wonder what you can post about. The quick answer is most anything (see below for things that are discouraged): Prayer requests, meaningful Bible verses, general questions for the community, your own personal walk with God, etc. We encourage participation, but we will not beg people to take an active role.

We do have a few requests, of course. It's all pretty basic, and I believe that this community has members that are mature enough to behave in a responsible manner, but I'd rather have them posted and not need them, then have something happen because they weren't explicitly stated.

1.) PLEASE be respectful of all other members of the community.

2.) Non-members are welcome to comment on posts, but be aware: if you are only coming here to attack our members or our faith, you're wasting your time. Any negative or hateful comments will be deleted and the poster will be banned. This also goes for members of the community as well.

3.) We are pretty open about what people may post, but there are a few restrictions:
-no quiz results
-no requests for personal monetary donations for any reason.***
Any posts or comments of this nature will be deleted. You've been warned.

Political posts are frowned upon, but they can be posted on a conditional basis. If they are of an inflammatory nature, they will be deleted. We are here as friends, and while friendly debate and discussion is good, politics can be quite divisive.

It is my preference that you do not post community advertisements. There are communities designed for that reason, and we did not advertise in other communities. Please show us the same courtesy. However, I am open to affiliation, so if you're interested, please let me know!

***About donations: We will gladly pray for anyone who is going on a missions trip or something of a similar nature, but asking for money in such a manner is just plain rude. If you are compelled to share a story, feel free to post a link to a reputable website where we might decide on our own if God is leading us to contribute to a cause.


To contact the maintainer privately:
Shauna: shooting_starr6 at yahoo dot com